Prevailing Voice Daily 1st October

1st October
Text. : Job 22:21-30
Job 22:27 Thou shalt make thy prayer unto
him, and he shall hear thee, and thou shalt
pay thy vows.
Job 22:28 Thou shalt also decree a thing,
and it shall be established unto thee: and
the light shall shine upon thy ways.
Job 22:29 When men are cast down, then
thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he
shall save the humble person.
Life is full of ups and down, there are
mountain experiences and valley
experiences, down time is not usually
pleasant. You can jump around when
everything is up, sometimes, issues of life
bring a man down, when finance is not
pleasant, business not doing fine, economy
going down, one tends to fold arms and feel
Good news is here, your maker is your lifter
Psalms 3:1-3, He sent me to you this
morning, He asked me to speak lifting into
your life. Understand this; God controls the
affairs of the earth by speaking His word,
and He sends His word through His men. He
sent me this morning.
There is lifting up, for finances …a lifting up,
for your business …a lifting up, for your
family…a lifting up. I command lifting for
every good thing that is down in your life,
whatever is bringing you down is destroyed
right now. You will go up and stay up, no
good thing shall die in your hands. Go and
prosper this month and forever.
* I speak lifting to my life.
* I will not go down anymore.
* Join me to pray for my Country,Nigeria, as
she marks her independence today, speak
lifting to her in all ramifications.
Watch the video follows this write up.
Psalms 50,51
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