Prevailing Voice Daily 24th January

24 January
Text : Psalm 71:1-21
14 KJV:But I will hope continually, and will
yet praise thee more and more.
15 KJV:My mouth shall shew forth thy
righteousness and thy salvation all the day;
for I know not the numbers thereof.
16 KJV:I will go in the strength of the Lord
God: I will make mention of thy
righteousness, even of thine only.
17 KJV:O God, thou hast taught me from my
youth: and hitherto have I declared thy
wondrous works.
The psalmist was committed to continual
praise, he was not in the class of those who
give part time praise, his praise is neither
occasional nor conditional, God seeks such
to praise Him. It is important you check
your reason for serving God, your condition
for service determines how far you will go
with God, if your reason is concrete it is
obvious that you will go far with Him, if not,
am not sure you can go far with God.
Our text shows a total commitment to
praise, you will notice sentences like ‘I will
yet praise thee more and more, ‘my mouth
shall show forth thy righteousness’,’O God,
thou hast taught me from my youth’; it
means that David has been praising God
from his youth….look at verse 18 KJV:Now
also when I am old and grey headed, it
means psalm 71 was written when he was
grey headed, from his youthful days he has
been taught to praise the Lord, and now he
is grey headed and he is still praising the
Make up your mind this day to praise Him
continually. Do have a praiseful week.
Lord, let not your praise depart from my
Deuteronomy 12 , Galatians 6,
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