Prevailing Voice Daily 17th August 2015

August 17
Text ; EPHESIANS 5; 1-16
the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:16
Good morning friends l want you to take
today’s message very serious.
Days, weeks, months and years, even
minutes and hours mark events,
they record events and it is impossible to
separate events from time.
You need to understand how to deal with
time, evil things manifest in
people’s life easily for instance; you don’t
need to pray to be poor
when you fold your hands poverty naturally
comes, a student need not
to pray for failure he or she should just stay
off classes failure
will become a mandate, this is what the
scripture means by ‘times are
Everyone is suppose to take a conscious
effort to redeem time, a
practical spiritual and physical approach is
needed to achieve this.
Possess the week spiritually, declare and
decree what you expect this
week, some people say ‘let’s see what will
happen this week’ some say
‘lets see what this week will offer’ this is
wrong beloved you
determine what will happen this week in
the place of prayer
it is dangerous to start your week carelessly,
don’t rush to work on
Monday morning without possessing the
week in the place of prayer.
Don’t worry about ugly matters manifesting
around you when you pray
they will flee, bury your fear beloved, don’t
worry about the threat
you got
last week about this week JUST PRAY.
1, Appreciate GOD
2, I possess this week in the name of Jesus
3, This week men shall seek me to bless me
4, Good things people run after will locate
5, l exempt my life and family from evil this
week and for ever
6, Command what you want to manifest
this week
7, As you open your door this morning
decree ‘l open door to
prosperity, success, breakthrough, lifting
etc’ (be the first person
to open the door of your apartment
remember l said it’s prophetic)
8, Lord separate me from wrong people.
my mouth.
Genesis 17 Matthew 17
‘for prayer and counselling call this lines
or fellowship with on Sundays 4-5.30pm
(llasa centre) @ 29 Aje street
llasa, 6-7pm (Ejigbo centre)@ 22 Brethren
avenue Ejigbo, 6.30-8pm
(Itire centre) 5 Adebisi street). Worship with
us for a glorious
service on 9-11am @ 2 Aceland Avenue lle-
epo bus stop ejigbo


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